Fiber Optic Gigabyte Link Delivery

Fiber-optic Gigabit Ethernet circuits are getting widespread in many of the events in India since all events are now a days based on Artifical Intelligence or Cloud based solution which consume or require adequate amount of bandwidth.

Well going to Venue Manager and asking them for this much of bandwidth is of no use since the IT Infrastructure maintained by majority of the Convention centers and Hotels in India is not capable of scaling up the bandwidth to your requirement.

For solving this problem EWI came into existing and has increased the Inventory of sustainable Network Equipment and permanent Fiber Infrastructure across many of the Venues in India Since now our fiber-optic circuits are already installed at many event venues across India, we can switch them on and off on the short notice as well.

Whether it is Hotel, Convention Center, Stadium, Corporate Office we are just a call away and we will come with our permanent network setup for providing you seamless connectivity.