P2P Dark Fiber Circuit

Point to Point Dark Fiber Circuit for events in india

Dark Fiber circuit allow you to get a straight line connections from Point A to Point B, which improves performance in connections of two locations or points.For some of the events like Live Surgery Workshop events wherein 3D or 4K Technologies have been used, event organizers really require data to travel fast from one spot to another. The best way for such type of event is to setup your network infrastructure with no additional switch in between two locations of event.

Improve Latency with Dark Fiber

Major advantage of putting up dark fiber infrastructure for events is to have the potential speed at your event. If you are going to use commercial Internet service at your event, traffic gets bounced around to a lot of different points before arriving at its destination. Specifically if your event require more data to travel at a higher rate, the same can be achieved with dark fiber network as opposed to traditional internet solutions.

Events Wifi Internet have expertise to implement dark fiber circuits for your event

Event has to be broadcasted from Hospital to Hotel or Auditorium? Looking for some expertise to guide you for connecting two locations? Need internet connectivity or bandwidth solution at Hospital and event broadcasting location? Well, Events Wifi Internet have skilled technician to manage the complete dark fiber circuit to make sure nothing goes wrong during the event broadcasting.

How Events Wifi Internet provide Dark Fiber Circuits?

We have our fiber circuits installed in many of the convention centers, Hospitals and Hotels in India which implies we have kept dark fiber or unused fiber at many of the event venues in India. Events Wifi Internet can always provide you these dedicated cores from the dark fiber optic cable between your locations. If we don’t have our fiber infrastructure in any of your location, don’t worry we can build the Point to Point ( P2P ) link for your event on temporary purpose and take off after the event.

When you need Dark Fiber Point to Point Fiber Network for Event?

  • Connecting multiple buildings within the same network for a Corporate Event.
  • A need for high-availability and security at remote location of your event.
  • Huge bandwidth requirement at each port to transmit huge data from one location to another
  • Transmission of 4K data example 4K Live Surgery Transmission from Hospital to event venue
  • Symmetric and Reliable Internet Connectivity ( equal upload and download bandwidth )
  • Connecting each core of the dark fiber circuit to transmit Audio, Video and Video Conferencing data from one location to another
  • Required a reliable connection while transmission or broadcasting during the event
  • Zero downtime connection in two spots since network is vital part at your event
  • Connecting Remote Locations for your event makes easier without any public peering points
  • For Live Surgery Broadcasting audio and video uploads can experience packet bottlenecks that cause stream quality compromises in non-P2P situations

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