Satellite Internet Providers for Events

satellite internet provider for events in india

Events Wifi Internet is the only temporary and reliable internet service provider through Satellite for events. We can offer a seamless internet connectivity to anywhere in India. Satellite Internet Access is the Internet Access through satellite signals. The setup includes the installation of satellite dish, antenna and modem. Our satellite solutions support fast web browsing, video streaming, live presentations, attendee WiFi, VoIP, Skype, social media, mobile apps, email, credit card processing, file transfers, and bandwidth-intensive Internet applications.This means you can use our satellite internet connection for downloading, streaming and uploading at your event.

When to choose Satellite Internet Delivery Option ?

  • Satellite internet can be available everywhere, but it has some limitation. We have designed our Satellite internet solutions for outdoor and remote locations where cable or fiber internet connections are difficult to reach.                                                                       
  • Satellite internet is improving, but still currently lacks the speeds and bandwidth capabilities of cable and fiber internet. At EWI, we have skilled technician for deploying satellite internet connections and event wifi solutions.                                                              
  • We takes responsibility of deploying the network and maintaining network up during the event. Whether your event is for one day, two days or for a week our team of EWI will be at the event throughout the show for any technician support and queries.

Benefits of Events Wifi Internet Satellite Internet Delivery :

Enhanced User Performance

If you have your event in remote location and require Internet for new application demo or live streaming you can always depend on our event satellite bandwidth solution.

Reliable Temporary Internet Connectivity for Events

Connecting remote site might be a challenge with traditional bandwidth solutions. Our Satellite Internet solutions allow you to connect with no downtime.

Application for Event Wifi Solutions

Super-fast web browsing, attendee wifi at event, video streaming, Video Conferencing, social media wifi, mobile apps, connecting kiosk, demo pads, event registration application and other bandwidth-intensive internet application.

Deploy anywhere in India

Events Wifi Internet satellite internet option can be made available in any part of India, wherever your event will be you can get 100% reliable network service for your event. We can provide bandwidth solution with expandable Wired and Wireless ( Wifi ) solutions for your event.

Satellite wifi for events in india
Satellite Internet Solutions Over Traditional Network Solutions

Availability: Events Wifi Internet Satellite internet Options can be available almost everywhere in India. That makes it an excellent solution for event at remote locations or any outdoor events.

Speed: Satellite internet is much faster than dial-up internet, even allowing you to stream videos online.

Satellite Internet Bandwidth for Event Live Streaming Solution Provider:

Do you have your event in rural area where getting a cable internet is difficult. Do you need Internet for Live Streaming? Are you looking for Temporary Internet Connection Provider in remote areas to Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi or any other part of India? Can you do streaming with satellite internet solution? Yes, it’s easy to stream with satellite internet. You may notice some lag if you’re skipping around the video, but once a show starts streaming, it will download at a normal pace.

Still if your requirement is of more bandwidth and you need high speed connectivity solutions for your event. We can work on other temporary bandwidth solutions for your event like providing  4G Internet Kit, bonded 4G Mega Internet Kit ,point-to-point microwave bandwidth solution, fiber optic bandwidth connectivity at your venue .