Temporary internet access for all types of events

Events Wifi Internet provides 1:1 (Symmetric) Dedicated Temporary Internet Connectivity and Wi-Fi for event of any scale in India.

We can provide bandwidth circuit of 1 Gigabyte less or more dependent on the requirement.

Whenever we install any circuit at Hotel or Convention Center we look towards doing permanent fiber connectivity so that your next event won’t cost you much with regards to internet at the venue.

How to get started for your EVENT INTERNET REQUIREMENT ?

As Digital India Concepts is rapidly growing in all Industries and so are the Industries Products rapidly moving towards digitalization. Internet and Wi-Fi is becoming one of the essential elementin the planning and agenda of any event type. Below are the steps you need to follow for successful Implementation of Technology at your event

Understanding need before you start

While working on proposal for your Event Connectivity we will analyze and share our list of questionnaire containing:

  1. Event Purpose
  2. Technlogy being Used
  3. Total Wi-fi Users
  4. Concurrent Users
  5. Includes Bandwidth for Live Streaming
  6. Includes Bandwidth for Video Conferencing
  7. Includes Bandwidth for Live Surgery/Transmission

Above parameters will help us analyze and calculate bandwidth requirement for your event. The bandwidth is the total amount of data that can be communicated in a specified amount of time. An internet connection with large bandwidth can transfer the data or files in a shorter period of time than an internet connection with low bandwidth capacity. The term bandwidth is applicable to both wired and wireless networks and is measured in bits per second(bps) or Megabits per second(Mbps) or Gigabits per second (Gbps).

Well, it totally depends on the Application or Usage of Internet at your Event.

There are two types of bandwidth:
  1. Symmetric
  2. Asymmetric bandwidth
Almost 80% of the event we provide symmetric bandwidth. The common application of Symmetric Bandwidth is Video Conferencing. Symmetric bandwidth means data travels or communicate at same volume of speed at both upload and download.

Due to advancement in technology and up gradation in communication infrastructure, we can use asymmetric bandwidth as well in few of the events. Asymmetric bandwidth implies data will communicate asymmetrically at upload and download times. Live Streaming is common example of asymmetrical bandwidth usage.

To answer this, you should have clear agenda of the event.

    • Whether Internet is required for Live Streaming, Video Conferencing, Live Surgery broadcasting, Download of some Mobile Apps, Attendee Wi-Fi, Cloud Based Registration Application etc.


    • For example if you need bandwidth just to browse, use Facebook, access Emails then you may require a low bandwidth. Wherein you have digital technologies involved like SAAS applications, Virtual Transformations, Cloud applications, Artificial Intelligence, Concurrent hits to play store or any cloud environment you will be requiring more bandwidth than former and to be more precise you need a symmetric bandwidth.


  • We at Events Wifi Internet offers Temporary Internet for every application, more no of attendee, big event, small event, outdoor event, hotel event and all that keeping in mind your budget. Being your Internet Service Provider, we will guide you on the Need, Type of Bandwidth and speed required. We assure to be in your budget and provide you affordable, reliable solution.

We provide affordable and reliable event bandwidth solutions. Internet Connectivity which is faster, seamless and cost effective for temporary purpose. We won’t charge you for entire Year or Few Months like other Internet Service Providers, our costing includes 10% of the last mile delivery charges, the bandwidth you have chosen, Support and Maintenance for the event duration. We can deliver bandwidth via Fiber, Wireless (RF) or through Satellite.

Now hire us for Hi Speed Internet Connectivity requirement.
  • Your event can be big or small but the bandwidth you require depends on the application you are going to use.

  • Slow or Poor Internet Connectivity can lead to Network Failure and if your event is internet dependent it may lead to total failure of the event and investment made in the poor connectivity is of no use,

  • For example your internet download speed is 10 Mbps that mean you can download a file sizing 10 megabytes in one second in standard optimum conditions (no data-loss). If there are more users on the network using same internet connection, the available bandwidth will be divided between them.

  • So in a large network setup, our Network team have to manage the bandwidth across the network. We use our best in class Network Monitoring and Bandwidth Management Tool to limit the bandwidth at some nodes and allow large bandwidth to some other users as per the application requirements.