Platinum Jubilee Celebration – Foundation Day of CSIR- CLRI – Temporary Internet Services & HD Streaming


Central Leather Research Institute or CLRI is the world’s largest leather research institute in terms of research papers and patents. The institute located in Chennai, Tamil Nadu was founded on 24 April 1948. Dr.Jitendra Singh, Honourable Minister for Science and Technology and Earth Sciences and Vice President, CSIR visited CSIR-CLRI.Honourable Minister inaugurated the Platinum Jubilee celebrations at CSIR-CLRI. Honourable Minister released the Coffee Table Book (Photo Story) describing 75 technologies in the journey of CSIR-CLRI.

Yash Infosystem Provided

Temporary Internet Services & HD Streaming

We have provided the wired ethernet drops supporting HD streaming services for Laptops and Video Production at CLRI Minister program. We have provided the entire support through our AV technician with Video broadcasting team and management staff at the venue. We have used the 3 HD Video Camera setup of Sony NX 100/200 with camera man and total video capturing unit for Live streaming. We have used 55” TV display with HDMI splitter and cables and 2 LED Video walls of 20*10 and 4*8 side bar with controller and Video mixer. We have also done LED raiser Fabrication with black masking. Client was satisfied with the service and professionalism our team has offered during the event.

June 2022 – Network Connection and Last Mile setup at Famous Studios, Mumbai

We have provided 100 Mbps of dedicated bandwidth circuit on Optical Fiber cable & last mile delivery with dual path circuit with High-density Wi-Fi for attendees in the Famous Studio. We have used Multiple VLANs with wired Ethernet drops for A/V, video broadcast team, and staff office. Yashinfosystems team has offered on-site network installation and IT support throughout the event.

May 2022 – Internet Connection with Ethernet Drops at White Feathers, Bangalore

Adding another feather to Yash Infosystems seamless service of Internet Connectivity, We have provided 1:1 dedicated internet connection of 30mbps along with one router for three Ethernet drops for the event held on 9th May at White Feathers, Bangalore. Yashinfosystems has provided Level 2 network engineers for setup and Continuous support throughout the event.

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