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Events Wifi Internet is a brand introduced to provide reliable Temporary Internet Bandwidth Circuit with Wi-Fi on rental for events of any scale in India. We at Events Wifi Internet has the capability to install event Internet and network service with a short notice period as well.

Our team at Events Wifi Internet offers best in class WiFi solutions and discuss with event organizers and corporates on their event needs and tailor network infrastructure of each event to ensure all the event attendee, visitors, event registration, vendors get secure and uninterrupted temporary internet, broadband and wifi service.

We have our Fiber Optic Circuit Installed in more than 50 convention centers, Corporate Buildings and hotels across India wherein we can provide you dedicated bandwidth from 10mbps to 10 Gigabyte for temporary purpose.

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Events Internet Services

Temporary internet access for all types of events
Events Internet Services: Events Wifi Internet provides 1:1 (Symmetric) Dedica...
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Events Wifi and Hotspot Solution
Temporary Events Wi-Fi Hotspot Services EWI design and deliver Events Hotspo...
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Video Conferencing Equipment on Rental
HD video conferencing on hire We will your relaible solution partner for desig...
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Live streaming services for events
Live streaming Services: Live streaming is a video that is broadcast in real-t...
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IT Peripherals on Rental
IT Peripherals on Rental Across India Hire LAPTOPS, PRINTERS AND SERVERS on re...
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Virtual Event Platform
What is Virtual events? A virtual event is an online event that involves peopl...
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Non Profit Organization
Sports Events
Tata Tiago EV launch Event – AV production setup, Networking and Live streaming services
AMIND EV 2022 – Internet Leased Line & Network setup
Open Source India 2022: Asia’s #1 Open source event – Internet Leased Line & Network setup
Master Card payment Summit 2022 – Dedicated Internet Leased Line
SOGOCON 2022 – Temporary Internet Services & Network Infrastructure Setup
Awards Distribution Ceremony of Super 25 winners of Veergatha Event – Temporary Internet Services & YouTube Livestreaming
EUPHORIA 2023, KTPO – Dedicated Internet Setup, Networking & HD Streaming Services
CAEVEXPO 2023 at KTPO : Dedicated Internet Services & Network Infrastructure Setup
Platinum Jubilee Celebration – Foundation Day of CSIR- CLRI – Temporary Internet Services & HD Streaming
AMPICON 2021 – 1:1 Dual bandwidth circuit of 70 mbps
Coinbase – Internet Setup, Networking & IT Support
Wi-Fi Installation for Business
SIIMA Awards 2022 – EWI Providing Network and IT Support
Polyplast Event – Event Coordination, Management, Complete AV Production, and Required Licenses
Temporary Internet Connection with HD Streaming setups and Wifi for ALC ’22 MAERSK
Chroma setup, AV Rental and Live streaming services for UNESCO & Netflix event
Polycom HD Videoconferencing and Live streaming services for SVV Celebration
Audio Video Production and Dedicated Internet services for Citroën
Hybrid event and HD Live streaming services on Youtube for the department of defense protection
Hybrid event, Audio visual rental and 1:1 Dedicated Internet Bandwidth for NCERT
HD Video conference setup, Internet bandwidth for event with IT  and AV equipment rental services for agriculture skill council
1:1 Dedicated Internet Leased Line Connection for the event of Indian oil Corporation
Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL) – 10th August, 2021
Temporary Internet Bandwidth for UTKARSH Small Finance Bank
HD live streaming and Web pages setup for Roca
Leased Line Internet Connection setup for Aura Integrated solutions
Temporary Internet connectivity for Frizzon event
Audio Visual Rental Services for CureFit Event
Dedicated Internet Bandwidth and Youtube Live webcasting services For Bangalore Airport Event
Dedicated internet bandwidth and Wifi setup for the examination held at Stanley Medical College
Dedicated Internet Bandwidth for Hybrid Event and Internet services for digital launch of TAFE
HD live streaming Services and AV rental for Herbal life extravaganza
Audio Visual Service, Video Conferencing, HD Live Streaming with Dedicated Internet services to Aero India 
Photography, Videography, and Live streaming HD and Event Internet services for the event of Central leather research institute
Webcasting and HD live streaming services for SBI Numero Yono quiz
Dedicated Internet Bandwidth using Fiber Optic and Landing page for Pedicon
Network and IT Support with HD Live Streaming for UST Global
Wi-Fi network with multiple SSIDs and Dedicated Internet Bandwidth for Shell Eco Marathon
Dedicated Internet and WiFi Service for “Parampara Reloaded” – HCL Concert
Dedicated Internet Connectivity with High-density Wi-Fi for 500+ delegates and for live polling and interaction application for ICLAM.
1:1 Dedicated Internet Service with on site network installation and IT Support for Grace Hopper Celebration
HD Live Streaming solution, mobile responsive cloud streaming services for CMO SUMMIT Chennai
Internet Bandwidth circuit delivered on fiber for Asian Swimming event with Network Installation and IT Support
Internet Bandwidth, Networking, and Wifi setup for the Open Source event
Dedicated Internet Bandwidth and WiFi coverage for NATCON, National Conference
Temporary Internet and Wifi services for Karnataka International Travel Expo
Dedicated Internet Bandwidth, LAN Connections and Wi-Fi  setup for exhibitors at IoT India Congress
Internet Services, Dedicated LAN, and Wi-Fi connection for the event of SHELL Techtonic
Temporary Bandwidth on Dual Path Last Mile using Fibre for AWS event, Bangalore
Dedicated Internet of dual path fiber optic bandwidth circuits for British Telecom Organization
Live Surgery Broadcasting for the Workshop at Bangalore.
Dedicated Internet Bandwidth circuit and Wi-Fi Network for World Trade Center event by TAIPEI
Dedicated Symmetrical bandwidth and Temporary Internet outside the Hotel at IPL Auction
Video Conference Setup using Polycom and Cisco equipment for PM visit to Chennai
HD Video conferencing setup for AERO India event at Bangalore
Temporary Internet Setup, Networking Hardware and Wi-Fi setup for the outdoor event of Defense Expo
Dedicated Internet Bandwidth using Fiber Optic and Landing page for Pedicon
Dedicated Internet Bandwidth using Fiber Optic and Landing page for APASL
Live surgery broadcasting from Apollo & SRM hospital organized by MEDTRONIC.
3D HD Video Conferencing and 4K Live Surgery Transmission at Fortis Hospital, Bangalore
Live Surgery Broadcasting services from Ruby Clinic to JW Marriott, Pune
Organized Virtual event for Robotics Master Class event held at Bangalore
2D, 3D, 4K Live Surgery transmission for workshop in J.N Tata Auditorium for CHOLESTEATOMA
AV rental services with Digital Branding for Dr Mehta Multi specialty Hospital.
Dedicated Internet Bandwidth Circuit Setup for World Rural Health Conference, Delhi
HD Live Streaming on the dedicated FSS Webpage for FSS celebrated 28th Foundation day celebration
HD Live Streaming and HD Video Conferencing Setup for “Olam”
Dedicated 200mbps of Internet Bandwidth circuit with Wi-Fi Network Coverage for AI Product Expo
Dedicated internet bandwidth circuit with Wi-Fi setup for the emerging technology product launch to Infosys
Dedicated Internet delivered with Point-to-Point Microwave Wireless Technology for Robotics product launch.
Dedicated Symmetrical bandwidth circuit with Wi-Fi setup, for IoT Show
Dedicated Symmetrical Bandwidth Circuits IOT Congress – Nimhans Convention Center
Dedicated Symmetrical Bandwidth circuit through Fiber Optic Cable in Google ML Boot camp Event
Dedicated Symmetrical Internet Bandwidth Circuit and Wi-Fi Setup for Amazon Product Launch
IT Network and Infrastructure Solution with Live Streaming, Social Media and Internet Wi-Fi for REDMINOTE 7 LAUNCH.
Internet Bandwidth with Wi-Fi Setup for seamless Video Conferencing for IBM Townhall Event
Dedicated Temporary Internet Bandwidth with Lan and Wi-Fi setup Vodafone Premier Badminton League

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