Fiber-optic Gigabit Ethernet circuits are getting widespread in many of the events in India since all events now a days based on Digital Technologies, Digital data, Digital Media, Digital Transformation, Digital marketing and foremost requirement for such event will be reliable and dedicated internet connectivity. Everyone wants to go digital and digital technologies consume high amount of bandwidth

In house Internet Service Provider of venue or convention center may provide you the connectivity, but bandwidth required for your event on short term basis may not be practically possible for them to deliver or will cost you more from the in-house ISP or Hotels in India since they resell bandwidth at very huge rate for temporary purpose.

Temporary High Speed Bandwidth

Well going to Venue Manager and asking them for this much of bandwidth would not be helpful since the IT Infrastructure maintained by majority of the Convention centers and Hotels in India is not capable of scaling up the bandwidth to your requirement and for solving this problem Events Wifi Internet came into existence. We provide temporary internet and wifi setup at the best prices as we are partnered with the reputed ISP providers like Bharti Airtel, Tata Networks, Hathway Broadband etc

Enterprise Ethernet setup

We at EWI has increased the Inventory of sustainable network equipment and permanent fiber optic cable infrastructure at many of the Hotels, Convention Centers and Event Venues in India. Since now our fiber-optic circuits are already installed at many places you can check our Fiber optic cable availability across india, we can switch them on and off at the short notice as well.

Wi-Fi for Hotels and Convention Centers

Fiber Optic layout Ethernet

We have our Fiber Optic Circuit Installed in more than 100 convention centers, Corporate Buildings and hotels across India wherein we can provide you dedicated bandwidth from 10mbps to 10 Gigabyte for temporary purpose.

Some of Your Frequently Asked Questions

Temporary Fiber Internet refers to a high-speed internet service that utilizes fiber-optic cables for a temporary or short-term period. It is a reliable and fast connectivity solution ideal for events, construction sites, temporary offices, and other short-duration projects.

Temporary Fiber Internet stands out for its superior speed and reliability compared to other temporary solutions like DSL or wireless options. Fiber-optic cables transmit data using light signals, providing faster and more stable internet connectivity.

Temporary Fiber Internet provides a high-speed and reliable connectivity solution, ensuring seamless internet access for your event attendees. It offers superior performance compared to traditional temporary internet options.

Temporary Fiber Internet is suitable for a variety of events and projects, including conferences, trade shows, outdoor events, construction sites, pop-up offices, and any situation where a high-speed, temporary internet connection is needed.

Deployment times may vary based on location and specific requirements. However, EWI typically offer quick and efficient installation of Temporary Fiber Internet, often within a few days of the request.

Yes, Temporary Fiber Internet is well-suited for outdoor events. Fiber-optic cables are durable and can be installed in various environments, providing reliable internet connectivity even in outdoor settings. Temporary Fiber Internet has its ability to support a large number of users concurrently. This makes it ideal for events with a high volume of attendees.

The installation typically involves fiber-optic cables and network equipment. The exact equipment needed will depend on the specific requirements of the event or project. Temporary Fiber Internet providers will handle the setup and configuration.

Yes, Temporary Fiber Internet solutions are often scalable, allowing for customization based on the bandwidth requirements of the event or project. Providers offer flexible plans to accommodate different internet usage scenarios.

High Speed Internet Connectivity at Convention Centers:

Digital Event or Hackathon is so near? Internet is so poor at the venue? Event require good speed of internet? Being Event organizer you want to provide best network coverage at your event? Looking for Temporary Internet Service Provider near you? Don’t worry all your bandwidth and network queries will be handled by Events Wifi Internet with perfection and professionalism.

Fiber Optic Connectivity at Hotels or Convention Halls!

    We provide the Fiber Optic Internet for Rental in the below Cities

    Ahmedabad | Bengaluru | Chennai | Delhi | Hyderabad | Kolkata | Mumbai | Pune | Agra | Ajmer | Aligarh | Amravati | Amritsar | Anand | Asansol | Aurangabad | Bareilly | Belagavi | Bhavnagar | Bhilai | Bhiwandi | Bhopal | Bhubaneswar | Bikaner | Bilaspur | Bokaro Steel City | Chandigarh | Coimbatore | Cuttack | Dehradun | Dhanbad | Durgapur | Erode | Faridabad | Firozabad | Ghaziabad | Gorakhpur | Goa | Guntur | Gurugram | Guwahati | Gwalior | Hamirpur | Hubballi–Dharwad |  Indore | Jabalpur | Jaipur | Jalandhar | Jalgaon | Jammu | Jamnagar | Jamshedpur | Jhansi | Jodhpur | Kakinada | Kalaburagi | Kannur | Kanpur | Karnal | Kochi | Kolhapur | Kollam | Kozhikode | Kurnool | Lucknow | Ludhiana | Madurai | Malappuram | Mangaluru | Mathura | Meerut | Moradabad | Mysuru | Nagpur | Nanded | Nashik | Nellore | Noida | Orissa | Patna | Prayagraj | Puducherry | Purulia | Raipur | Rajamahendravaram | Rajkot | Ranchi |Ratlam |Rourkela | Salem | Sangli | Shimla | Siliguri | Solapur | Srinagar | Surat | Thanjavur | Thiruvananthapuram | Thrissur | Tiruchirappalli | Tirunelveli | Tiruvannamalai | Ujjain | Vadodara | Varanasi | Vasai-Virar | Vellore | Vijayapura | Vijayawada | Visakhapatnam | Warangal