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The leading event Internet and Wi-Fi solutions experts based in Chennai and Serving PAN India. We offer scalable and affordable event internet and Wi-Fi solutions for all size of businesses. At EWI, we leverage our years of experience in the industry, we have a team of expert network engineers the latest IT, AV & networking equipment to provide full Internet access, AV solutions for your corporate event or conferences and meetings. We understand every event is different and so its requirement that’s why we provide the custom based solution for every event, based on your bandwidth requirement, venue and users to be connected to the Wi-Fi. No worries about the costing as our team consists of technical experts and engineers and they can find the right service plan to meet not only your bandwidth needs, but also your budget.

Temporary Internet Access for Events in Jhansi

Events Wi-Fi Internet is known as reputed internet rental service provider in India, as we are well versed in delivering customized IT infrastructure and Wi-Fi setup for your events in Jhansi. We provide 1:1 dedicated Temporary Internet Connectivity and Wi-Fi setup for the events of any scale in PAN India. EWI has different event internet solution like Fiber optic internet, deploying RF equipment and Satellite internet for events as per your requirement.

Fiber Optic Internet in Jhansi

Are you an event organizer in Jhansi? Or Event Manager ? Looking for reliable Hotspot Solution for Event ? Looking for Wi-Fi Solution for your upcoming trade show, conference, exhibition, seminar, hackathon, IOT events, tech events, medical event, inaugural event, sports events? Looking for leased line or broadband for streaming or Video conferencing?

Don’t worry, we have our fiber optic cable installed in most of the Convention Centre, Hotels, Stadium, Studios, and Exhibition Venues in Jhansi. All your bandwidth and network queries will be handled by EWI team with perfection and professionalism.

We at Events Wi-Fi Internet has increased the inventory of sustainable network equipment like access point, router, switches and permanent IT Infrastructure at many hotels, convention centers and corporate event venues in Jhansi. Since, our fiber-optic circuits are already installed in more than 50 convention centers, corporate buildings and hotels across India, we can switch them on and off at the short notice as well. Wherein we can provide you dedicated bandwidth from 10mbps to 10 Gigabyte for temporary purpose or short term internet for events.

Some of Our Feasible Venues at Jhansi

All Venue coverage list in Jhansi are provided for informational purposes only based on our earlier event experience. No worries, if your event doesn’t fall in our venue location we can install and setup fiber optic cable at the affordable prices. Please call us or fill the form to get connected. If you are a venue promoter, tech vendor, event organizer or other service provider for events based in Jhansi or nearby city, we would be great if you can reach out to us at info@yashinfosystems.in.

Satellite Internet for Events in Jhansi

Satellite internet is one of the best option if your event is at remote location.  Currently satellite internet speeds is behind in bandwidth capabilities comparing to the cable and fiber internet. At EWI, we have skilled technician for deploying satellite internet connections at your event venue anywhere in Jhansi.  Satellite internet can be available everywhere, but it has some limitation. We have designed our satellite internet solutions for outdoor and remote locations where cable or fiber internet connections are difficult to reach.  EWI can provide satellite internet option to be available in any part of Jhansi, where the event is at the remote location and EWI team will make sure you get high speed connectivity with 99.9% uptime for your event.

Our Other Services for Events in Jhansi

Live streaming services, Audio Visual rental services, Video conferencing Solutions, CCTV Surveillance, Internet services for Hackathons, Wi-Fi Equipment on Rental, Live surgery Broadcasting etc.

Internet Rental Services for Hotels, Convention Centers, Studios, Stadiums and Event Venues Across Jhansi

We offer 1:1 leased line internet access throughout the Jhansi and can provide this high quality internet connection at very affordable price range. Many venues and convention centers replace their expensive outside broadcast units with our network infrastructure and technology. Our reliable and fast Temporary broadband services for events can handle large volume of data spread across large crowd. We install the IT infrastructure for the duration of your event and then pack it up again, providing you the perfect event Wi-Fi solution. Short term internet access is great for events such as exhibitions, client demonstrations, festivals, protocol government events, seminars, conferences conventions or any special event.

Why Choose EWI?

We at Events Wi-Fi Internet thrived to do our best and bring highest speed internet connectivity bandwidth and Wi-Fi solutions with zero down time for the events of any size. We are proud that we have a worked with some of the prestigious and award winning clients. We have diverse client’s portfolio from multiple industries such as Technology Companies, Corporate, Hospitals, Convention Centers, Government Organization, Logistics, Manufacturing, Finance and Event Management Companies. Our Few fantastic clients are as Aero India, Indian Air force, Ministry of Defense, CLRI, Red bull, LinkedIn, Google, SBI, Shell, Fortis Hospital, Netflix, Unesco, Citreon, Roca, Curefit etc..

Temporary Internet Provider in Jhansi

We provide Internet Rental Service in Jhansi for your events that includes everything from Installation to complete setup such as on-site network design, deployment, and management to renting hardware, audio visual rental and leasing bandwidth. When it comes to temporary Internet access for conventions or temporary Internet services for trade shows or Wifi solutions for hackathon or temporary Internet rental for your events, you can trust EWI and contact us any time at  info@yashinfosystems.in

We provide Internet service for your events that includes everything from Installation to complete setup such as on-site network design, deployment, and management to renting hardware, audio visual rental and leasing bandwidth. When it comes to temporary Internet access for conventions or temporary Internet services for trade shows or Wifi solutions for meetings or temporary Internet bandwidth for events, you can contact us any time at info@yashinfosystems.in / + 91 9444990523 / +91 9123583720

We Provide Temporary Internet Access for Rental in the Below Cities

Ahmedabad | Bengaluru | Chennai | Delhi | Hyderabad | Kolkata | Mumbai | Pune | Agra | Ajmer | Aligarh | Amravati | Amritsar | Anand | Asansol | Aurangabad | Bareilly | Belagavi | Bhavnagar | Bhilai | Bhiwandi | Bhopal | Bhubaneswar | Bikaner | Bilaspur | Bokaro Steel City | Chandigarh | Coimbatore | Cuttack | Dehradun | Dhanbad | Durgapur | Erode | Faridabad | Firozabad | Ghaziabad | Gorakhpur | Goa | Guntur | Gurugram | Guwahati | Gwalior | Hamirpur | Hubballi–Dharwad |  Indore | Jabalpur | Jaipur | Jalandhar | Jalgaon | Jammu | Jamnagar | Jamshedpur | Jhansi | Jodhpur | Kakinada | Kalaburagi | Kannur | Kanpur | Karnal | Kochi | Kolhapur | Kollam | Kozhikode | Kurnool | Lucknow | Ludhiana | Madurai | Malappuram | Mangaluru | Mathura | Meerut | Moradabad | Mysuru | Nagpur | Nanded | Nashik | Nellore | Noida | Orissa | Patna | Prayagraj | Puducherry | Purulia | Raipur | Rajamahendravaram | Rajkot | Ranchi |Ratlam |Rourkela | Salem | Sangli | Shimla | Siliguri | Solapur | Srinagar | Surat | Thanjavur | Thiruvananthapuram | Thrissur | Tiruchirappalli | Tirunelveli | Tiruvannamalai | Ujjain | Vadodara | Varanasi | Vasai-Virar | Vellore | Vijayapura | Vijayawada | Visakhapatnam | Warangal

Why Events need Internet and Wi-Fi?

Today’s modern world people always want to be connected either by sending mail, sharing post in social media or to get entertained. Secondary Wi-Fi has become necessity as the vendors need for payment gateway, audience can engage using polls and voting online, Ticketing can be done using QR code scanning and many more facilities with the help of Internet at events. Installing a temporary internet and Wi-Fi setup at the event is win-win situation for both event attendees and event organizer as you can live stream your event, you can create Wi-Fi splash page which is one of the best lead generation tool and the attendees can gather more details and keep engaged with each other.

We Provide Internet Connectivity For:

AV Rental Services:

We provide all types of Audio Visual Equipment on Rental Basis along with AV Production, setup &
installation services for events, enterprises, hotels, etc.. Some of our popular AV Solutions are

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