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Why Internet / WiFi is Required in Events?

So, let us imagine you are organizing an event or conference for your company and the events attended can be your clients, Journalists, audiences etc.. everyone required internet to share the events details; clients required internet to share the details to their employees, Journalist want to report to the team and to share in the media world, audiences want to upload events picture in their Social handles to share with their friends and colleagues. To make your event successful you have to provide the Internet and Wifi for Outdoor and Indoor events  to your audiences with strong bandwidth, so that they can take maximum benefit of your events.

A slow and intermittent connection won’t impress anyone attending your event. Everyone knows in the modern world that a poor WiFi connection is bad for business. So, make a right decision while choosing the Internet provider for your oudoor/indoor events.

EWI for Internet and WiFi Services for Indoor / Outdoor Events

We as a renowned IT company has a big name in events Industry and offer scalable Internet and WiFi solutions. We have our Fiber Optic Circuit Installed in more than 50 convention centers, Corporate Buildings and hotels across India wherein we can provide you dedicated bandwidth from 10mbps to 10 Gigabyte for temporary purpose. We also provide plug and play WiFi hotspots for events with up to 100 attendees. If you need a larger event WiFi solution, EWI can design and deploy a custom high-density wireless network. Our custom WiFi solutions are managed and monitored on-site by our team of network engineers. Whatever be the size, venue and location of your event in India, we will get you connected with the strong Internet throughout your event with the help of our ISP Partners like Bharti Airtel, Reliance Jio, Hathaway Broadband.

Event Wifi Internet - INTERNET AND WIFI FOR OUTDOOR AND INDOOR EVENTS - -athletic-woman-using-her-smartphone

How Much Bandwidth Required for an Event?

It depends on the events attendees and Products used in the events. The best way to understand why you need WiFi and Internet as well as determine how much bandwidth you need is to create a spreadsheet. Your spreadsheet should contain all of the groups or individual users that will require WiFi and how many devices will be connecting. Speak with your client to discuss about the Internet access requirment and pass the data to your temporary internet WiFi provider team.

Dedicated bandwidth can be very expensive but sometimes you need to make sure that your Internet connection does not drop under any circumstances. Dedicated bandwidth typically comes with a 99.99% SLA, which means that the network won’t go down for longer than 5 minutes per month. This type of bandwidth is delivered via fiber optic cable or through point-to-point microwave antennas. Most event Internet is delivered with point-to-point antennas and is typically very reliable. Installation is super quick and you can purchase speeds of over 10gbps with very low latency, ideal for video streaming.

Internet and Wifi for Outdoor Events

As an event organizer, it’s very valuable for you to know how many devices connected, how much bandwidth was utilized and how important your wireless network actually is. This data will allow you to make informed decisions to ensure that each of your events is better than the last. We have a proven track record for providing WiFi and internet connectivity, networks, communications & IT for some of the largest Festivals, events, projects and productions of all shapes and sizes in locations PAN India. We serve a range of business customers across different sectors: Medical conferences, Hackathons, Gaming Tournaments, Exhibition, Conference, Product Launch, Festivals, Virtual Training Seminar, roadshows , corporate events and Government events.

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