Events Audio Visual Has A Range Of Audio Equipment On Rental Including : High Decibel Speakers, Amplifiers, Wireless Microphones , Lapel Mics, Monitor Amplifiers, Audio Mixers And Subwoofers. We Deal In Few Of The Leading Brands Like JBL, IC Audio, Pro Fx, Denon, Yamaha, Bose, Crown. Our Wide Range Of Audio Equipment Suits Well For Auditoriums, Educational Institutes , Conference Rooms, Hotels And Also Hospitals To Perform Live Surgery. We Also Offers Full Line-Array Speaker Systems For Your Larger Venues And Events In Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Orissa, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Nagpur, Patna And Chandigarh.

Audio Setup Planning

Events Audio Visual being one of the leading Audio Equipment Supplier on rental, we know the importance of Audio & Microphone Systems in a conference hall , medical event, business meetings etc. Appearance is definitely required but its really not a show stopper for your event. Imagine if your stage looks perfect but your speaker voice is not audible for the audiences or he has some issue with microphone system, well we understand then its all for nothing. At EAV ( Events Audio Visual ), our experienced event engineers understand your event audio requirement and plan the set of Audio Equipment inventory accordingly.

Renting Sound System

After understanding your event requirement and planning the audio setup our project managers and marketing team provide you with requisite bom and proposal for renting the sound system. Don’t worry we take care of your budgets. We submit you a proposal with BOM required for your event according to the set of questionnaires we enquire from you for example floor plan, number of audiences etc. Once you are finalized with our BOM and mutually we agreed on the costing, we will hold our inventory on your receiving your purchase order or confirmation.

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