Live Surgery Broadcasting

We can bring HD Live Surgery Experience at the comfort of Upcoming Surgeon/ Trainee or Any Medical Professional environment through our bespoke and world’s best Virtual Live Surgery Broadcasting Solution. Live-streamed and live-tweeted surgeries have become increasingly common in the age of social media, with doctors touting their educational benefits and hospitals enjoying the public-relations bump.

Events wifi internet helps you to share locally or worldwide your live patient procedures or recorded surgery. Your videos can be transmitted live through social media and in HD from the Cath Lab or operating theatre to either a local training facility or shared with colleagues anywhere around the globe — all at the touch of a button. EWI is therefore your ideal partner for training and conferencing.

For several years now, Events wifi internet has been at the cutting edge of live surgery filming, streaming and video production. We have both the equipment and the highly skilled staff to carry out this ground-breaking work.

It’s possible to film the operation in 4K HD, stream it live anywhere in the world, or should be a tutorial video be required, we can handle all post-production work, including voice over and 3d graphics if required.With rapidly advancing technology, surgeons are performing life-saving and life-changing operations of almost miraculous levels.

Our Live surgery experience

3D & 4K Live Surgery Broadcasting — Fortis

3D HD Video Conferencing and 4K Live Surgery Transmission Conducted at Fortis Hospital, Bangalore to JW Marriott. Total of 8 live surgeries were conducted covering all facets of MIS. Step by Step surgical technique demonstration by experts with 2- way interaction between OR at Fortis and Conference Hall in JW Marriott. Three Screens were displaying the complete OR surgical demonstrations in MIS LIVE CAD, 2019 wherein we provided dedicated 100mbps of bandwidth at Fortis Hospital, Bangalore.

3D Live Surgical Broadcasting

Witnessing and delivering the 3D Live Surgical Broadcasting Link from Ruby Clinic to JW Marriott, Pune was a tremendous experience. The distance between the Hospital and Hotel was not less than 8.5 KM which has been connected with dark fibre of 12 core for four days event. The complete event was impeccable and we thrived to achieve a new milestone in STAR 2018, PUNE.


We have experience to deliver 2D, 3D, 4K Live Surgery transmission for international live surgical workshop in J.N Tata Auditorium. For 3D Setup we can also offer compatible 3D glasses for the delegates. The amazing 4K Live Surgical Workshop has amazed the delegates and they started applauding for the quality of the video in CHOLESTEATOMA 2018 held in BENGALURU. Connect with EWI team today at to bring your Surgery to Live Broadcasting.