As a premier event Wi-Fi service provider in Chennai, we bring a decade of expertise to ensure your events are not just memorable but technologically advanced. Our services go beyond connectivity; they enhance the overall experience for both organizers and attendees.

Temporary Internet in Chennai

Challenges in Event Connectivity

EWI team understand the challenges organizers face in providing reliable Wi-Fi during events. With our Short term internet solutions, we address these issues head-on, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity and a seamless event experience.

Our Event Wifi Solutions in Chennai

Chennai, with its unique demands, requires specialized event Wi-Fi solutions. EWI provide the tailored services for each event, which have played a pivotal role in the success of numerous events. Discover how our expertise can elevate your event in the vibrant city.

Benefits of Choosing Our Event Internet Services

Choosing EWI means ensuring uninterrupted connectivity for all attendees. Our robust solutions have been the backbone of successful events, enhancing participant engagement and satisfaction. Hear it from our satisfied clients through testimonials and success stories.

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Choosing EWI as Your Wi-Fi Service Provider

Why settle for ordinary when you can have exceptional? Our expertise, reliability, and scalability set us apart. Explore case studies of events where our services made a significant difference, showcasing why we are the ideal choice for your event.

Temporary Internet Solutions for Corporate Events

Corporate events demand sophistication in internet solutions, and we deliver that precisely. Our temporary internet solutions are designed to meet the unique needs of corporate gatherings, ensuring a secure and efficient online environment.

Our Technical Expertise

Behind our seamless event Wi-Fi solutions is advanced technology. We pride ourselves on staying at the forefront of technological advancements, addressing technical queries and providing a level of expertise that sets us apart.

Ensuring Security in Event Connectivity

Security is paramount in event connectivity, and we take it seriously. Our robust security measures ensure the protection of sensitive information, providing peace of mind for organizers and participants. In a rapidly evolving technological landscape, we stay ahead of the curve. Our commitment to future-ready solutions ensures that your events will always be at the forefront of connectivity innovation.


EWI offers RF & OFC mode to provide the temporary internet and Wi-Fi setup. The choice also depends on the venue, the number of users, and the required bandwidth.

Yes, temporary internet can facilitate cashless payment systems, making transactions smoother and more efficient.

Lead times vary depending on the complexity of the setup and the availability of resources. It’s recommended to start planning well in advance, however we deliver connectivity at short notice of one day as well. Otherwise it’s preferred to plan several weeks before or month before the event

Consider the number of attendees, the nature of internet usage, and the type of activities (e.g., live streaming, hackathon, iot , broadcasting, wifi etc). Our network engineers team will help you assess and determine the appropriate bandwidth for a seamless experience.


Elevate your events with our connectivity expertise. Choose EWI as your event Wi-Fi service provider, and experience the seamless, reliable bandwidth connectivity that sets your events apart.