AMIND EV 2022 - Internet Leased Line & Network Setup – 26th September, 2022    

Sep 26, 2022 / Technology


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Yash Infosystems Provided

Internet Leased Line & Network Setup

Yash Infosystems was approached by Brandaid events to provide reliable networking service for the AMIND EW event held on 26th September 2022. We have installed dual path fiber optic cable and delivered dedicated and symmetric bandwidth circuit of 500 mbps & 100 mbps using Optical Fiber Cable for last mile. We provided network configuration using dual Mikrotek enterprise 3 Giga byte routers and 12G WAN routers, Cisco layer 3 network switches & Netgear layer 2 POE switches. Throughout the event we have provided WiFi for Outdoor and Indoor location by using enterprise wireless access point & enterprise license cloud controller. Our level 3 network engineer has done all the setup, installation and maintenance by using the network equipment’s and passive components such as Fiber 6F cable and Cat 6 Cable. Our client was impressed with our team’s cooperation and secure internet connection throughout the event.