Budweiser Event - Internet Leased Line Services & Wi-Fi Setup - 17th & 18th Nov

Nov 17 & 18, 2023 / Corporate

Budweiser Event

Budweiser, AB InBev’s global brand, is enhancing its presence at leading music festivals, creating unforgettable moments for festivalgoers. The brand has partnered with iconic Indian and Global music festivals, including DGTL, Echoes of Earth, Magnetic Fields, Boiler Room, and Lollapalooza- disrupting the country’s electronic music and hip-hop landscape. Budweiser has succesfully organized a music event at Lalit Ashok, Bangalore.

Yash Infosystems Provided

Internet Leased Line Services & Wi-Fi Setup

The Yash team demonstrated exceptional proficiency in deploying a high-speed 150 Mbps Symmetric Internet Leased Line for the prestigious Budweiser Event held at Lalit Ashok, Bangalore. Their commendable efforts extended beyond mere connectivity, encompassing the establishment of seamless Wi-Fi setups across multiple halls, spanning distances from 300 meters to 600 meters. This comprehensive coverage included critical areas such as the Pool area and Entrance area, showcasing the team’s meticulous attention to detail and commitment to providing reliable and expansive network solutions tailored to the event’s diverse requirements.