IBM Career Carnival Event - Dedicated Internet with Ethernet Drops and IT Support - 14th September

Sep 14, 2023 / Technology


For more than a century, IBM has been a global technology innovator, leading advances in AI, automation and hybrid cloud solutions that help businesses grow. IBM Career Carnival, a no-cost event for students, pre-apprentices, clients and professionals. The Great Career and Skills Carnival of IBM has ensured that practitioners focus on their futureskills journey while having lots of fun!

Yash Infosystems Provided

Dedicated Internet with Ethernet Drops and IT Support

The IBM Career Carnival Event in Bangalore was a remarkable occasion, made even more exceptional by the outstanding & uninterupted connectivity provided by our team. The high-speed internet connection of a dedicated 60 Mbps Leased Line Circuit allowed for uninterrupted online interactions, downloads, and uploads, ensuring that all participants, exhibitors, and attendees could make the most of the event.Furthermore, we provided Wi-Fi coverage along with wired Ethernet connection for entire career carnival exhibition area. This widespread WiFi network ensured that everyone at the event, whether they were at a booth or walking around, could easily access the internet and stay connected. Yash team was also there IT assistance and ensured that any hiccups in the IT infrastructure were swiftly addressed, minimizing disruptions and ensuring a smooth experience for everyone involved.