Indian oil Nation first event - Dedicated Internet using Ethernet drops - 1st September 2023

Sep 1, 2023 / Government

Indian oil Event

Indian oil is one of the largest and most trusted corporates and the top-ranked Indian energy PSU in the Fortune 500 rankings. On Indian Oil’s first Values Day, Mr S M Vaidya, Chairman, of Indian Oil announced ‘Nation First’ as Indian Oil’s 5th core value and conducted the event at New Delhi. With the mission to ‘Propel the Nation’ & being ‘On Duty Always’, our core values-Care, Innovation, Passion, Trust, & Nation First, are our North Star, guiding our actions. On this day in 1959, Indian Oil Company Ltd. was born.

Yash Infosystems Provided

Dedicated Internet with Ethernet drops

Yash Infosystems provided the connectivity and internet services for the Indian Oil event. We have setup and installed a dedicated internet bandwidth service of 20 Mbps along with Ethernet drops to facilitate a robust network infrastructure.One of the critical responsibilities entrusted to the Yash Infosystems team was managing the bandwidth required for live streaming. We ensured that the live stream ran smoothly and without interruptions.

To achieve this, a highly skilled level 3 network engineer from Yash Infosystems was on the ground, setting up and configuring various network components such as routers, switches, and access points and provided high-speed internet connection.Furthermore, Yash Infosystems provided continuous support and maintenance throughout the event. This ensured that any potential issues were swiftly addressed, guaranteeing uninterrupted internet services and a seamless experience for all event participants and attendees.