IOT India Congress - August 2019

Aug 2019 / Technology

Iot India Congress 2019

Yash Infosystems is proud to be a reliable Service Provider for IOT India Congress in Lalit Ashok for two days event. We provided dedicated 1:1 150mbps Internet Bandwidth, Dedicated Lan Connections and Wi-Fi  for exhibitors like Unlimit, Airtel, Tata Communications, Siemens, IET, SenRa etc. EWI also provided Wi-Fi Services for delegates and speakers from renowned companies and universities both international and national, like DRDO, ARM Holdings plc, Quadrant AI, University of Oxford, Samsung R&D Institute India, Tohoku University Hospitals, Unlimit, Aeris Communications, Manipal Hospital, Wells Fargo, Bata India Ltd, MG Motor, Cognizant and Nissan among others who took part in the conference.