Pandith Jasraj's Memorial Event - Seamless Streaming and Wi-Fi setup using LAN Cable - 24th -30th Nov

Nov 24 & 30, 2023 / Corporate

Pandith Jasraj's Memorial Event

Pandit Jasraj’s memorial concert held at Hyderabad on November 24th -30th . Where the world’s renowned artists has performed the seven-day Jai ho Jasraj’s 49th Pandit Motiram, Pandit Maniram Sangeet Samoroha‘. A festival being hosted on a specific date continuously is in itself a remarkable episode and happening.

Yash Infosystems Provided

Seamless Streaming and Wi-Fi setup using LAN Cable

The Yash team has delivered 25 Mbps leased line services throughout the seven-day duration of the Pandit Jasraj Cultural Foundation Event held at Hyderabad. The implementation involved the utilization of LAN cables for streaming purposes. Furthermore, to meet the specific demands of the production requirements, a customized Wi-Fi setup was deployed, to deliver seamless and reliable connectivity solutions tailored for the event’s operational needs.